Friday, October 16, 2009

I saw Grandfather Sam tonite.

Well your grandfather & I finally figured out that abuelita Tere was right. We should have just used Skype from the begining. Once it was downloaded at both ends we saw each other clear as day. He was very happy to see you, & I know when Tere gets home she'll be equally thrilled. So, you found your voice last night too, you had quite a bit to say, in fact around 2am your mom thought there was a dog whining outside our window. It was you, talking to someone, or maybe practicing for when your going to backtalk when your older. You woke up around 4am screaming about something, I think it was upset tummy. I fed you at 5am, & then headed off to work. I hate leaving you when you look so cute...oh well.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Things are getting better

Hey there buddy, you slept good last night. Woke up once around 2am, you ate 5 ounces & went right back to sleep. You woke up around 830am & I fed you, but you were very fussy, I could not figure out why. Your mom came out to see you, & you stopped fussing while she was out here, & started when she went back into the room...go figure. You had a good day sleeping & eating, you don't like being held so much right now, it must be a phase. I gave you a bath tonite & you loved it. I think you like the weightless feeling. You are lying down now, hopefully for the rest of the nite. I love you buddy, good